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If not for an old photograph, Crista and I might never have had our second chance. We had dated at Groton but married others. Years later, we were both single again, but long out of touch.

One day, when Crista was moving a pile of books, out fell a picture of us skiing together during a Groton School vacation. Reminded of our trip, she emailed me, and I replied immediately, telling her that ski trip was one of my happiest memories.

John and Crista GannonAt the time, I was living near Washington, D.C., and Crista in Danbury, Connecticut, but we decided to plan another ski trip. We would meet in Hartford and drive to her brother’s ski house in Vermont. Our plans, however, didn't go smoothly—a huge snowstorm cancelled my flight. Undeterred, I drove up to meet Crista. We don't get many second chances in life—I wasn't going to miss this one.

We married in 2001, when Crista's daughter, Katherine, was 6 and her son, John, 8. Katherine, known as KC, went on to attend Groton, where she thrived. All of us love the School deeply.

Given all that Groton has done for us, it's an honor to give back through volunteer work, by supporting the Annual Fund, and by putting Groton into our wills. I see our bequest plans as another "second chance," the opportunity to give future students all that Groton has given us.


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