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Alumna, trustee, and donor
Gift type: Bequest

I adore Groton School and am profoundly grateful for all that it taught me. My dad is a Groton alumnus and a son of a Grotonian, and he knew the value of a Groton education. However, my dad worked for the government (embodying the School's motto cui servire est regnare), which made Groton's tuition a bit out of reach. Thanks to Groton's financial aid program, I was able to attend the School.

Anne Bakewell Woodward '86My deep gratitude for the educational and personal opportunities I received at Groton led me, when my husband and I wrote our wills a few years back, to include a bequest to Groton. As a result of the financial aid I received and the transformative impact of my Groton education, I wanted to give back to the School and help sustain and broaden the availability of scholarship aid to future generations of students. I take great satisfaction in knowing that my gift will support financial aid recipients in years to come.


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